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Franchise Sector still growing: The 2015 Nat West survey into the UK franchise market shows that ·Annual turnover rose by two per cent to £12.65 billion. There are currently 320,000 franchisees 92% of which say they are profitable. "Franchise Market" Contains answers to all the important questions about franchising and why it is successful. Why should you buy a franchise, what should you look for etc. The answers are all here. Best Franchises or Franchising Opportunities

Could You Be A Highly Successful Franchisee?

Successful Franchisee?

When researching franchises you’ll come across lots of information about what makes a good franchise; proven business model, great training and support, thriving market etc.

However it’s much harder to find good information on what makes a successful franchisee. How do you know if you’re right franchising, or it’s right for you?

We’ve put our many years of experience of seeing franchisees succeed (and fail!) into this questionnaire to help you figure out if you’ve got what it takes to be a highly successful franchisee. Complete the online Potential Franchisee Rating Scale (below) to get an instant indication of how ready you are to take on a franchise.

Obviously you must be completely honest in your answers. You might also find it useful to get someone who knows you very well to complete the questionnaire on your behalf.

If You Qualify, Make Contact With Us

If you score over 51 points on the Potential Franchisee Rating Scale, complete and submit the Contact Us section on the homepage or phone us direct on 0845 225 7225.

How It Works...

As you can see The Potential Franchisee Rating Scale has just 14 simple questions. Each question has a confidential weighting (we keep this confidential to protect our intellectual property).

Depending on your answer to each question, we use a simple mathematical calculation to work out your suitability as a franchisee. The higher your score the better.

Assessing Your Rating Scale...

Once you hit the 'Calculate My Rating Scale' button below, you'll get a Rating Scale from 1-100. Here's how to evaluate your result...

Your Rating

Your potential to become a highly successful franchisee

1-25 points


26-50 points


51-75 points


76-100 points


We generally only recommend that you proceed in your search for a franchise if you score over 51 points, and in most cases potentially successful franchisees score over 70 points! How will you score?

How To Complete
The Potential Franchisee Rating Scale...

The questionnaire is simple enough. Just click in either the 'yes' or 'no' box next to each question, and then click on the 'Calculate My Rating Scale' button below. We'll give you your own personal Rating Scale within a few seconds.

"Franchisee Online Test"



1. Are you good at following systems and procedures?
2. Do you proactively look for solutions to problems?

3. Do you now or have you ever owned and run your own business?

4. Do you have at least £15,000 to invest in a business?

5. Do you have previous sales experience?

6. Do you have a methodical approach to work?

7. Do you have the drive and ambition to build your own successful business?

8. Have you set life goals for yourself so you know what you want to achieve in life? (not necessarily in business, your life goals could be about personal achievements)

9. Are you always open to ideas, suggestions and advice from others?

10. Do you really want be your own boss?

11. Do you want to work as part of a team?



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  • Full colour brochures showing the luxury properties
  • Use of our prestigious head office in London (subject to availability)
  • In-house design studio capable of producing one off literature
  • Window cards and posters promoting the properties
  • Corporate Identity package including letterheads, business cards, compliment slips
  • Our own bespoke database management system
  • Training on the various products and areas (optional overseas training offered subject to availability)
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